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Pregnancy modifies the body and brain in ways scientists are still working to comprehend. Affecting approximately 10 to 20 percent of new mothers in the U.S., Postpartum Depression (PPD) is amental health illness that affects women either in the third trimester or within four weeks of giving birth and can last for months after giving birth. The number of women impacted by this disease may, in fact, be significantly higher, but due to the stigma attached to this illness, many cases go unreported. MedSource’s integral role in two 3-year Phase III moderate to severe PPD clinical trials has changed the landscape. Finally, the first-ever treatment for PPD has been released to the market.

As outlined in our latest case study, MedSource worked quickly and tirelessly to successfully secure more than 220 patients and deliver quality clinical trials. This effort produced positive results in less than three years. The dedication and availability of the team ensured quick responses, resulting in not only securing enough subjects but also delivering the regular information needed to make decisions about the trials’ progress.

Download the case study to discover how our team was able, together with the client, to take a step forward in the development of treatments for PPD and help to alleviate some of the stigma attached to this illness.