The award-winning MedSource clinical research associate (CRA) team is one of the finest clinical monitoring teams in the industry, ensuring protocol and regulatory compliance and timely submission of high-quality data. Educational backgrounds cover a broad spectrum ranging from registered nurses to doctors to engineering majors and teachers., thus  bringing vast therapeutic background and experiences, including a specialized focus in neuroscience and oncology, to the team. Each monitor is experienced and trained in FDA regulations, ICH guidelines and GCP compliance.

Because clinical monitoring is the backbone of our business model, we can state with confidence:

  • Our expertise as a clinical research organization (CRO) means query rates are consistently lower than the industry average. This excellence gives greater accessibility to key information needed in making timely drug development decisions.
  • Our CRAs average more than 7 years of monitoring experience.
  • Our CRA team has specialized therapeutic focuses in oncology, neurology and infectious diseases, with additional experience ranging from the respiratory system and allergies to pain management and metabolic diseases. We work to match our CRAs’ therapeutic experience with corresponding clinical programs.
  • Our monitors directly participate in clinical data management processes, promoting closer integration between data management and site activities and resulting in higher-quality clinical data.
  • Working within their chosen therapeutic areas, our established group of experienced monitors develop long-standing relationships with investigators and sites.