As leaders in the industry, MedSource delivers high-quality clinical research studies on time and within budget. Our project managers are responsible for the overall global conduct of a clinical study, ensuring quality is delivered with exceptional support from beginning to end. They provide leadership and oversight to our study teams and serve as a single point of contact for our sponsors. MedSource project managers average 15 years of clinical research experience including experience with clinical monitoring, electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical technology systems, guaranteeing that our clients get the best service possible.  A list of some of our core global project management services are listed below.

Project Management

  • Overall global clinical trial management
  • Clinical strategy and clinical trial execution planning
  • Study-specific management plans
  • Budget and timeline tracking
  • Customized weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Vendor management
  • Risk mitigation and ongoing assessment of clinical study success factors
  • Leadership for the clinical monitoring team
  • Clinical team training

A successful outcome is achieved when oversight and functional management come together in a cohesive team.  At MedSource, we believe the clinical project manager plays the key central and strategic role ensuring the success of the program.  Our Senior Project Manager takes the lead at the study level and drives operational excellence through the development and adherence to project planning that meets the needs of the sponsor. Being flexible and ready to address dynamic shifts in a study is what keeps the team focused and mindful of implementing mitigation plans and addressing unexpected events without derailing the final objective. An example of how we organize this clinical trial execution is illustrated below in MedSource’s five-point project management strategy: