Join MedSource in Cambridge, Massachusets from July 10 – 11 at the Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials East Coast 2019 conference. Led by a myriad of industry specialists from the area, this conference provides a platform for industry professionals to network and focuses on preparation for the ever-changing dynamic of the oncology industry with insight into the latest technological and therapeutic solutions. To register for the conference or to learn more, visit Arena International.

Meet MedSource at booth 17 at the conference to learn about our strong expertise in oncology, neurology/CNS, rare/orphan diseases and other areas of therapeutic areas. We have participated in more than 700 clinical trials globally. Of our therapeutically focused studies, more than 60% of those clinical trials were in oncology. From our founding as an oncology focused CRO to holding one of the industry’s seasoned oncology clinical teams today, we are trusted to run challenging oncology trials. Schedule a meeting with MedSource at the conference to learn more by submitting the form below.